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Asian Ramen Noodle Salad

Yes, I said it, Ramen noodle. I’ve never really been a fan of ramen noodles, but I have never disliked them either. My favorite bowl of ramen noodles really consists of a few cut up vegetables, with a bit of leftover chicken or pork, and a nice spoonful of garlic chili sauce with a bit of soy sauce mixed in. I have not purchased ramen noodles in quiet some time, however my kids are now, and always have been for that matter, a fan of pasta. Recently I have been trying ramen noodles on them, and I have to say that they love them. Not only are they pretty darn cheap, but they are also a bit different than the standard penne, fettuccine, or spaghetti noodle, and this is a good thing for all of us.

My most recent visit to the pantry showcased a few packages of ramen noodles, including flavors of chicken and pork. I did not think my kids would mind so much if I grabbed a package and make a salad that includes ramen noodles. I remember a few years back, my sister-n-law’s mom made this really interesting salad that contained these crunchy ramen noodles, and it was a salad that my wife really loved. As I did not really recall the flavors as much, I did recall the texture of the salad, and it was a good one. With very little time on my hands this past Fourth of July weekend, I thought what better to make a delicious salad, Asian inspired of course.

This serves four, however it was so good, light, and delicious, that it served two.



Cook the ramen noodles in the butter and olive oil for a few minutes. Add the salad ingredients to a large bowl, and toss to mix everything. Next add your dressing ingredients to a bowl, and whisk for a couple of minutes to make your dressing. Add to the salad, and mix again. Serve immediately.

This is a great recipe for any get together.

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