Kimchi Fried Rice

My wife is very lucky to have me. Hehe, just kidding. I do the food shopping in the house, and every other day I am at the store. I often reflect back to when I remember my dad going to the store, almost every night for a small basket of food items. Now I know. My kids are getting to that age where they are just consuming a lot of food. The growth spurts, and as I go to the store, most of the time without my kids, I really think that the checkout ladies at the store, who define me as ‘their favorite customer’, must think that I am nuts as often as I am there. They must also think that I am somewhat strange when they are scanning in items that they do not know the code for, or when they scan in things like chicken backs. They never question me, but some times I wish they would, because I would be more than happy to tell them what I was about to create.

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe with Photo

But, I am there, and as often as I joke around that I should be managing the store because I know where everything is at, and have helped a numerous amount of people find things in aisle three, the fact is that my kids are growing, and eating a lot of things in sight. The one pizza is now two, the one loaf of bread is almost consumed at lunch. You know what I am saying. With that said, rice has become somewhat of a staple throughout the week. We are probably cooking rice at least three times a week. Not one cup, but close to three cups of rice. They love it, and I do to, as I can throw in some nice jasmine rice into the rice maker, forget about it, and make the rest of the dinner.  But there are times where we have plenty of leftover rice, and that is exciting to me because there is nothing better than leftover rice than to make a killer fried rice.

With that said, you might have read from my previous posts, I am hooked on kimchi.

With my remaining jar of kimchi, and my leftover rice, I was bound to throw some classic kimchi fried rice together, and now, so should you.

Lets get started.

Ingredients: [Print this Recipe]

  • 2 tbsp canola oil
  • 2 cups of leftover jasmine rice, room temperature
  • 2 cups of kimchi, chopped
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1/2 tsp dark sesame oil
  •  pinch of salt
  • pinch of black pepper
  • 1 whole egg, per serving

Begin by adding the one and a half tablespoon of canola oil to a heated wok, or pot. Toss in the garlic and kimchi, and give a good stir. Toss in the rice and incorporate all of the ingredients, making sure the kimchi coats the rice. Reduce the heat, and continue to stir and flip the rice around. Add in the sesame oil, about half of the chopped green onions, and toss in the salt and pepper. Stir, and remove from the heat.

In a separate skillet, heat the other half tablespoon of oil, then crack the egg, cooking sunny side up. The goal is to have a cooked egg, with the yolk warmed through, and when breaking into the cooked egg, the creaminess of the yolk, with the stir fried rice, well, that really sets you into a whole other world.

To plate, get a serving bowl out, per person. Add a good amount of rice into the bowl, shower with some sliced green onions, and top with the egg. Slice into that egg and get in there. A bit of spice and salt, this fried rice is really balanced well with the creaminess of the egg. It’s a must try.

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2 thoughts to “Kimchi Fried Rice”

  1. That is so funny. This could have been my husband John writing that, not the Kimchi Rice but the whole shopping and cooking part!

  2. Sometimes the grocery checker looks at me with confusion. Then I tell them which vegetable it is that I am purchasing 🙂 And sometimes folks will ask me about differences between chiles or what to do with a celery root and I am happy to help! Thankfully, the staff at our grocery is super-knowledgeable when it comes to produce. So they really dont need me 🙂

    I LOVE kimchi fried rice! I am eating dinner alone a lot these days while my husband has a late shift at work. I eat fried rice several times a week, especially with an egg! I just can’t tire of it! Thanks for sharing your version. Sometimes I like to leave a little sitting to get crispy on the bottom of the pan!

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