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The Hangover Breakfast Sandwich

Sure, I could have labeled this sandwich in many ways, but I decided to call it the hangover. Surely I was not hungover when I made it, but while thinking of the recipe and after eating it, well, I thought it would be the cure all to energize the brain, body, and tastebuds after a long night of partying.

A lot of us celebrated some upcoming birthdays last week. Families came together not only to celebrate a new year for some awesome kids, but to also take time to relax, and eat, drink, and well, have loads of fun out in the yard. The morning however cast a major shadow on the party that day. It was full of dark clouds and rain, and sure enough, the party was cancelled. That did not stop me however from making a batch of sauce chimichurri, season some really nice steaks, and prepare some appetizers. See, I get pretty pumped when it comes to making food for the family, not only that, but heck, it was my kids, and nephews birthday!

As noted we had a really good time. It ended up being a late night, and as most parties go, the party continued into the following day. Festivities round two. I can’t say that I was not excited. Cooking and playing the following day, only knowing we had off for the long weekend? I was pumped. The previous day’s leftovers made it to my house where folks decided to eat, drink, and be merry, once again. And that’s when it struck me to come up with this sandwich. Later that day when I looked around me, I noticed I had a really great grilled steak, that chimichurri, and some pretzel rolls that I was not able to make for my kid. I knew right away what I was making the next morning. As guests left the following day, I began making the sandwich, and can say that I was excited during the entire process.

Ingredients: [Print this Recipe]

Begin by heating a skillet on medium heat. Add in the butter and begin to slowly melt the butter, making sure you coat the entire skillet.

To the beaten eggs, add the water, and beat that until your egg mixture begins to foam. Add the eggs to the skillet, and give a good stir with your wooden spoon.

Season the eggs by showering it with the pinch of salt and pepper. Move your eggs around from time to time, rocking your skillet to ensure that the lose eggs move to the edge and continue to cook. Your goal is to make some nice and fluffy scrambled eggs.

As the eggs are near being done, top with the shredded cheese, remove from the heat, and let the cheese begin to melt.

To make your sandwich, smear the chimichurri sauce to the bottom of the bottom pretzel roll. Top with the slices of steak. Add the egg and cheese mixture to the top of the steak, and top with the top pretzel bun.

Take a good smell. Take a good look. Take a big bite. You need nothing more after this sandwich. At first you get that wonderful smell of the pretzel roll, then when biting into it, you get that fresh hit from the chimichurri, the tenderness from the steak, and the soft and fluffy egg and cheese combination. Hangover or not, this sandwich is built to please. I hope you enjoy.

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