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2 thoughts to “Breakfast”

  1. I didn’t see any breakfast burritos on the site. I’ve been trying forever to make a good one, but I’ve come up short. Omega has the best one I’ve tried this far, and North Ave Grill and Bel Air Cantina have a decent one. My problem is that I find most breakfast burritos to be either dry or plain (or both). Any good recipe ideas?

    1. Hi Justine, thanks for your comment! I completely agree with you as to finding a good breakfast burrito. I believe in a great, large tortilla. I find that the large flour El Rey tortillas work well. I’m a fan of eggs, a thin layer of hashbrowns, and some meat and onions and peppers. Oh yeah, and lots not forget spicy salsa and cheese! Now I want a breakfast burrito! I’ll have to get one on my site in the near future.

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