Wrap Your Wiener, Seriously…

If you’ve never wrapped your wiener, you should. It is the best thing, or at least one of the better things that have came through this house this summer. My wife has always talked about going to her grandma’s cottage when she was young. She would be called in for lunch up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, during the summer months, and her and her sisters would rush in, and say “oh… hot dogs!” and their grandma would say “nope, their wieners!”. Ever since then, when I mention hot dogs, or wieners, I stand corrected in some way or another. Here is what I know. Hot dogs are the stuff you buy in packages, typically Oscar Mayer. Wieners on the other hand are what you purchase from the deli.

Bacon Wrapper WienerHere is my take on the difference between the hot dog and the wiener. The wiener tastes better and has more of ‘snap’ when biting into it. Hot dogs on the other hand, are simply easy to cook and have less of a snap, still delicious, salt, and fun for most everyone if you get past the fact that they are ‘lips and assholes’ from the pig. 🙂

Anyway, I love both the wiener and the hot dog. Regardless, this past week, I had a serious craving for a chicago hot dog. So, I put it in place, however this time, I did it with a twist. I started off with wieners, however, I wrapped them with a slice of bacon. Bacon, you ask? Yes, bacon. The thing that makes pork or whatever a wiener is, even better, TRUST ME.

Take a wiener, wrap it in bacon, and cook it on the grill. Heck, wrap several of them because, TRUST ME, you will want another one. Once the bacon cooks on the grill over medium to low heat, butter up (optional) some fresh buns, and place them on the grill for a few minutes; careful not to burn.

Bacon Wrapper WienerOnce you are ready to place, take the wieners and buns off the grill. Here is how I had mine. The kids and my wife set theirs up differently.

Bacon wrapped wiener on a bun.
Thin slice of cheese on the side
Mustard, Ketchup
Fresh tomato
TRUST ME. Wrap your wiener from here on out. It is worth it.

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