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The Leftover

This post is long overdue, especially as it deals with the Thanksgiving leftover. My family loves Thanksgiving day. Everything about it. We also love the leftovers, however can only take so much of the leftovers. My wife and I are ridiculous as are morning breakfast, the day after Thanksgiving, is typically turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and whatever else we can do to get sleepy again. Before I had to throw away dishes from Thanksgiving, I did make my wife and I a ‘snack’ one evening as we were working hard around the house and needed some energy. I am going to call this one the Turkey leftover and will most likely recreate this one again and again.


I stated by heating a couple of pans. One pan was set on low with a lightly buttered slice of rosemary bread, and a slice of smoked gouda cheese. I put a lid on this pan as I wanted the cheese to melt.

In the other pan, I used a small amount of olive oil and heated that through. During this time I made cakes, that were about the size of my slice of bread, out of the mashed potatoes. Shape these cakes when your potatoes are cold, otherwise they do not really work out. Cook these through and flip over during the cooking process. As these were cooking, I lined up the shredded turkey pieces along side to warm through. Once ready, top the potato cake onto of the smoked gouda slice, and top with the turkey and warm gravy.

Trust me, it was delicious.

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