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The Cookie

Growing up is hard to do. I am still growing up, and now I watch the struggles my kids go through. Simply put, life is hard. However, our struggles and stresses in life can always be removed by certain things. I know many who will turn to chocolate to forget about the pain, stress, etc. I have always found my stress relief to be a cold beer. Along with that, I recently found it was my grandmother’s oatmeal cookies.

Now my grandmother could attest to this, as well as my parents, and now my family, that I am a oatmeal cookie junkie. Not just any oatmeal cookie, but my grandmother’s recipe. I will make note that my grandma obviously makes them better than I do, granted they stem from the same recipe, however some things are just too good when you always got them from your grandma.

First, combine:

Then add to the above:

Then, the final ingredient:

Once everything is combined, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. With a medium-sized soup spoon, spoon out at least 2 inches apart, the cookie dough. If you have multiple baking sheets, then continue this process onto the second cookie sheet. Bake these between 12-16 minutes, depending on your oven. When they are done, not only get ready for the smell, but get out some racks so that you can let these rest, and cool off. I have wired cookie racks for these.

Ok, not that they are cooled (trust me, you will want to eat these immediately), get a large glass of cold milk, and get ready to rumble.
I have been making these cookies now for over two years. The recipe yields approximately 30-40 cookies, depending on the size. These are a must make for when you are wanting a really good cookie. They come out crisp and chewy, and will most likely disappear within two days. 🙂 Enjoy.

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