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Chicken Wings Round One

My memory does not serve me well as I thought I had posted my chicken wing recipe, however, I think that I posted the recipe in my cookbook. With that said, I should note that my cookbook rocks and will soon be available to purchase online. 🙂


The chicken wing. Bake, fried, grilled, it simply is a beautiful thing. I typically marinade mine for a day or so, then slow cook for a couple of hours, then grill. As I stated, it is a beautiful thing, or process, I might add. Lately I attempted a technique that is new to me. As I normally clean my wings, I never clip them. This time around I used a kitchen scissors and cut the wings. Basically I cut the drumstick from the wing, then clipped the end of the wing. I was a bit sad as the tip of the wing is my favorite part, seriously. 🙂

Once cleaned and clipped, I seasoned them with good stuff. If you do not know what the good stuff is, then you need to figure it out. The good stuff is what seasonings you like on your food. This can be anything so have fun with it. Be creative. Sweet, spicy, sassy. The triple s.

Once seasoned, throw them in a bag, and let them get happy. Keep in the happy bag for 24 hours if you can. Once you are ready to go, take them out of a bag and remove the moisture from them by setting them on a wire rack for 30 minutes or so, or place on paper towel for a few minutes. In the meantime, heat your oil. Cook in batches for nearly 18 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon, place in a bowl and toss with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. That’s right I said it. Not my sauce, but Frank’s. I was never a fan until lately. Truly a great wing.

Looking for a great blue cheese sauce to go with this wing? Stay tuned, as mine seriously will blow your socks off. Remember, it’s all good, whether it’s mine or Frank’s sauce..

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