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Coleslaw is a reason to eat cabbage. It really is. Cabbage, in my opinion is only used in my household for stir-fry, and on St. Patrick’s Day, otherwise, ‘slaw’. I dry rubbed some ribs a couple of days ago with my seasoning, and slow cooked them for about an hour in the oven last night. Tonight’s dinner was ribs, but the ribs needed some friends on the plate. I quickly asked my wife what she thought should go on the plate and her response was rice and salad. She was quickly (and silently denied) as I thought of something more playful, as well as something the kids might enjoy, and came up with coleslaw and french fries.

As stated, we do eat a whole lot of cabbage throughout the year; a potential slaw dish or two in the summer, and a few stir-fry’s throughout the year that might include the cabbage. But something that goes well with barbecue is slaw. This slaw dish is another one that is way too easy to make, and as I would consider, a sweet and spicy slaw.

Dry Ingredients:


In a mixing bowl, add your sliced vegetables and toss to mix. In a smaller bowl, add the dressing items and mix well. Pour onto the mixed vegetables and mix really well. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and let set for at least one hour. This slaw comes out with a sweetness and a bit of a, fresh and wonderful bite. Enjoy.

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