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Saturday Morning Breakfast – Chorizo and Eggs (Chorizo con Huevos)

Chorizo and eggsThis is one of those easy morning recipes that I truly love. I first encountered huevos con chorizo while living in Dallas, Texas, and it seemed to be a staple at the time, not only because it tasted awesome, but it was also extremely inexpensive.

I really never knew what chorizo was, as growing up, it was never really served in our kitchen. As I learned more about chorizo (there are many types ranging from Portugal, Mexico, and the Philippines), the type I have stuck with for breakfast is the mexican type of chorizo. You can find these seasoned pork-filled tubes in your local grocery store, however I find that the best chorizo is found at your local latino supermercado. The chorizo does have a bit of a spice, however the eggs really provide a great balance. Let’s get started.

Prep time: 2 minutes
Serves: 1


  • 5 tablespoons chorizo
  • 2 eggs
  • fresh corn tortillas (optional)

Chorizo and eggsBring a small to medium non-stick pan to a medium to high heat. Add your chorizo and begin to break this apart with your spatula. Let this cook for a few minutes before adding your eggs. Crack your eggs on top of the partially cooked chorizo and let them rest for nearly a minute. With your spatula, begin stirring the egg and chorizo, combining the two. You will be amazed about how this comes together, and it does this quite quickly. Continue to fold over the mixture until the eggs are cooked through.

Serve with warm, fresh tortillas, or use this mixture with quesadillas, tacos, or burritos. Enjoy.

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