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Mexican Corn

As we all know, summer is here, and one thing that I truly love to eat during this season is corn on the cob. I have written about corn in the past, however my colleague just reminded me of what she calls “Mexican Corn”. Thanks to Kate, this recipe was made this past weekend.

Grilled Mexican Corn with Mayonnaise and Cheese

As noted, while living in Dallas, Texas, corn vendors would sell a few varieties of corn on the cob, and the Mexican corn recipe below was one of them. I steered away from Kate’s just lightly as I used Parmesan cheese rather than queso fresco, and chili powder rather than cayenne pepper.


Kate suggests cleaning the corn, removing the husks, boiling for 7-10 minutes, then caramelizing the corn on the grill, however I really love cooking my corn, husk on, on the grill, so that is where I went with this recipe. Cook on the grill for roughly 20-30 minutes, turning quarterly every few minutes or so. The water from the soaking builds enough moisture within the husk to perform a steam bath for the corn.

Once the corn is cooked, let the corn cool for a few minutes, then peel the husk down, twist, and place them back on the grill to let the corn caramelize, roughly 5-7 minutes, on direct heat. While this is going on, get your mayonnaise ready, the cheese, and the seasoning. When the corn is done, plate them up and allow your family to lather on the mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese, and season with the chili powder. Trust me on this one, it is delicious.

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