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Perfect Thanksgiving Salad

There is something to be said about the food that we can create during the seasons, and as much as I love barbecue and smoking in the summer months, I must say that I enjoy the bold and comfortable flavors of late autumn and early winter. For this past Thanksgiving, I wanted to bring a mixed green salad to the table, with the bold flavor of stilton blue cheese.



Start by cooking the bacon. Once cooked, place on some paper towel to drain any excess oil. Next, add the greens to the bowl. In a seperate bowl, add all the dressing ingredients, with the exception of the olive oil. Get a whisk, and slowly add in the olive oil, continuing to whisk. Taste the dressing. It should be smooth and tart, but not too sour. If it is too sour, keep whisking in a bit more olive oil.

The goal is that you want this salad to have a very light dressing, not something that soaks the leaves.

When you are ready to serve, mix the dressing with the greens. (I like to plate individually). To your salad plate, add the greens, crumble a bit of the bacon on top, as well as the blue cheese. Serve with a bacon wrapped breadstick. Enjoy.

P.S. I have also used bacon wrapped figs on this one and it is truly delicious as well.

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