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Corned Beef Hash

I admit it. I love corned beef, in particular, corned beef sandwiches. I was recently thinking of recipes that my parents used to make while growing up, and as I investigated my freezers for ideas, the one recipe that came to mind was my dad’s corned beef hash. My dad is kind of, well, he is pretty serious about his corned beef hash. His recipe, as it is pretty darn good, contains a little too much Worcestershire sauce, so I thought I would take his recipe and make it my own. I have had several different hashes throughout my lifetime where the corned beef is somewhat pulsed down, and some where it is slightly chunky, so I kind of know what I wanted, and trust me, this one turned out really good.


First start by bringing a large pan to medium heat, adding the butter and oil. Cube your corned beef. Then to a large bowl, toss in all of your ingredients. Once the butter and oil is brought to temperature, add in the combined ingredients. The goal here is to build a nice crust on the corned beef and potatoes, so you will cook for roughly 7 minutes, before slipping it over, then building up some nice color on the other side.

Plate and serve with your favorite style eggs if you prefer.

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