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Reuben Sandwich

I love this time a year, when St. Patrick’s day is nearing. This is the time of year where I typically buy a couple of corned beef’s as they are typically on sale. It is also the time of year where I make a batch of corned beef hash, and get my Reuben sandwich on.

My wife is not a fan of the corned beef. She calls it a meat from another planet because of its color and texture. I, myself argue with her and inform her that it is a delicious tasting part of the beef, known as the brisket. The corning comes from how they brine the meat. The result is a super tender piece of meat that is simply packed with some killer flavor.

Why is this Irish? Who knows, maybe because corned beef is typically used with cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, and the leftover corned beef was used for sandwiches.


Heat a large skillet on medium heat. Spread the butter on one side of each of the slices of Rye bread. Add one slice of the bread, butter side down, onto the skillet. Top with a thin layer of dressing. Add a slice of cheese. Add the corned beef. Add a bit of the sauerkraut. Add the swiss cheese. Add dressing to the other side of the bread, and place the bread on top, butter side up. Cook on medium to low heat for about 7 minutes per side. The goal is to get a nice golden brown crust on both sides, while at the same time heating up the contents of the sandwich. Flip the sandwich and cook the other side. After about 5 minutes on browning the second side, I remove from the heat, cover the skillet, and let everything get all happy.

Remove the sandwich from the skillet and serve with a nice pickle, or your favorite chips or fries. Delicious with a nice cold beer.

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