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Avocado Boat

I love avocados, especially when I am cooking Mexican style dishes. I often chop them up, add some tomato, garlic, cilantro, onion, and jalapeno pepper to make a nice guacamole sauce, served on the side, but this last week I wanted to present the avocado in a different way.

Avocados are pretty darn good for you if you think about it. Sure most its calories come from fat, but they are packed with potassium, and rich in vitamins K, B, and E, and are proven to reduce cholesterol levels. Now that doesn’t sound so bad does it?

Recipe for Stuffed Avocados

This simple recipe not only tastes great, but looks great on your plate. My wife loved it, and thought it paired well with the chicken and cheese quesadilla.


If you have never opened up an avocado, well, now is your chance. It is really easy. Basically, you run your knife, lengthwise, around your avocado. When you are running your knife through it, go in a bit and you will most likely feel the seed. Next, just give it a turn and you will separate the two. Next, take your knife, and give it a whack into the seed, and carefully give it a twist. This will remove the seed and allow you to work with your avocado.

With a large spoon, separate the avocado from the skin, much like you would scoop ice cream, but the goal is to keep it all together. In a small bowl, bring your spices together and sprinkle on top of the avocado. In the center of the avocado, add your chopped tomato, and top with some of the cilantro.

This makes a great side on any plate. Enjoy.

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