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Long Lasting Scallions

Long Lasting ScallionsA few weeks back my cousin Mark quickly said that his wife Charmaigne was growing green onions. I thought that was cool in itself, but after some quick investigation, I found out that she was not necessarily growing green onions, but had bought a bundle of them from the store, and instead of storing them in the refrigerator, placed them on the counter in a cup of water.

I use green onions in a lot of my cooking, and have been disappointed when I want to use them in a dish, and pull them from the refrigerator only to mind them wilted, or quickly headed to the garbage. So a couple of days later I thought I would give this a try. I bought my bundle of green onions, and chopped the green part to be used in a marinade that I was using on some pork, and placed the ends of the green onions, the roots if you will, into a glass with water, having the water only go up to the white part of the green onions. I let this sit on the counter.

Roughly a couple of days later, the onions were growing! The green part of the onion was seriously growing. I began to change out the water every couple of days, but for the last several weeks, I have been snipping away at the same bundle of green onions. The flavor is still the same, they continue to grow, and I am still amazed.

If you are looking to save some money at the store, try this trick out. Thanks Mark and Charmaigne for the great tip.


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