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Beef Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce

It was not too long ago when I was discussing Thai food, in particular, carry out. There are just some items that are worth dining in for, and some of those in my opinion are the fried foods, and the soups. After reflecting on my Tom Yum Goong post, there was one thing that stood out to me, and that was satay.

Satay, or as I jokingly refer to it as ‘meat on a stick’ is something of pure delight. My father-in-law, who is pinoy, simply knows this as barbecue. I often laugh at the term barbecue because when my wife and I began dating, she said, let’s make some barbecue. At the time, I was thinking great, we will be getting out the smoker, and ‘heck, she knows how to use a smoker?!’. Then, as I began thinking about the low and slow process of barbecue, she was sliding thin slices of marinated pork butt onto wooden skewers. This is how she grew up, and after being married for 10 years, this is how all pinoys refer to meat on a stick!

Satay is indeed grilled, marinated meat, found on a stick, and is found all over the world. Satay could possibly be the best street food there is. There is something about handling a couple of skewers, and dipping them into a spicy or mild sauce. There is comfort all around. Many of you who frequent my site know that I am into great marinades, and grilling delicious meats (here, here, and here).

No offense to the local Thai establishments in and around Milwaukee, but I have never been impressed with their satay, nor their peanut sauce. The satay is typically only offered with chicken, and the sauce is just way too sweet. The sauce literally just tastes like peanut butter! I have been experimenting on a peanut sauce, kicked up a bit, and served with not chicken, but a killer marinated beef. Lets get started.

Ingredients for the Satay:

Place the sliced beef in a large ziplock bag. Mix the remaining ingredients, dissolving as much of the brown sugar as possible. Pour into the ziplock bag, and massage the beef from the outside, making sure all of the beef gets coated. Seal, and place in the refrigerator for two hours.

Ingredients for the Spicy Peanut Sauce:

To make the sauce, get a bowl out and add the peanut butter, and hot water. Mix with a fork until it is nice, creamy, and loosened. Add in the remaining ingredients, and mix to incorporate everything. Spoon this into your serving bowl and set aside.

Now, if you have access to a grill, get it heated, or if you were like me this past weekend, use your broiler. The broiler does wonders in the winter time. Preheat your broiler to 500 degrees, and lower your rack so it is not right under the broiler.

Remove your marinated beef from the refrigerator, and take your skewers out of the water. Carefully weave the beef onto the skewers, about four pieces per stick. Place these onto your broiler pan, and under the broiler, watching so that you do not burn the beef. Remember you are dealing with some of that brown sugar which will caramelize quickly if you do not watch it. Cook for about 4-6 minutes on each side, or to your desired temperature (medium rare, well done).

Now you are ready for plating, Add the skewers to your serving platter and sprinkle some sliced scallions on top. Serve with the spicy peanut sauce and enjoy.

Note: To all my pinoys out there, this is a great new take to meat on a stick, and the spicy peanut sauce is just two notches above the Thai carryout!

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