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Margarita Shrimp Tostada

I am coming out today and telling everyone that I have been on a taco kick for the last several weeks.  I have yet to tell you what my favorite taco is, but I am steering towards al pastor, or carne asada, with simple diced onion, fresh cilantro, and a thin slice of tomato and avocado on fresh corn tortillas. I was an addict this week, and I needed to ween myself off the tacos. My kids even said this week something like “tacos again tonight, Dad?’. I was in deep, and it was getting bad. My solution was to go for a tostada instead. Baby steps you see, baby steps.

Margarita Shrimp Tostada

With this said, I wanted to make something that my kids could explore, and as two of my kids enjoy eating shrimp, I thought I would go that route and really see if my oldest would want to take his next step and explore as well. So on a sunny afternoon, I decided to do what I do in the kitchen, and explore my refrigerator and pantry. Looking around, I noticed a bottle of tequila. At first I thought, ‘it is a great day for a margarita’, and then, I thought, why not take some of the delicious flavors of a margarita, and use it as a marinade for the shrimp, and fish, I had set out. That’s when it began. Simple ingredients, yet again, releasing major flavors. Flavors that can stand on their own, placed in a salad, or best yet, place on a tostada! Let’s get started.


As you can see, these are simple ingredients. Take the lime juice and zest, shallot, cilantro, salt, cumin, and tequila and mix in a small bowl. Get a gallon size ziploc bag, or larger bowl out, and add in the shrimp and tilipia. Pour in the liquid mixture, and lightly massage, being careful not to break the tilapia. Seal the bag, and place in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes.

Heat your cast iron skillet on medium heat. Add in the olive oil until it is lightly smoking. Add in your shrimp and tilapia, along with the marinade mixture, cooking until the shrimp turns color. Carefully flip the shrimp, and cook another minute or so, until the cook is cooked through. Remove from the heat.

During this time, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Heat your tostadas on a baking sheet for about four minutes.

Now you are ready to plate. Take a warm tostada, smear on the homemade refried beans, and top with a couple pieces of the margarita shrimp and tilapia. If you are adventurous, top with a small spoonful of chipotle coleslaw (slaw with a bit of mayo and chipotle adobo sauce).

I must admit, I was weened off the tacos when I bit into the delicious tostada, but now, I am hooked on the tostada!

As I said earlier, the shrimp and tilapia are really great on their own as well. I had a few leftover, and they were delicious all by themselves. Succulent shrimp with just the perfect balance of that margarita flavor.  Enjoy.

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