Milwaukee Hot Dog Recipe
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The Milwaukee Dog

I have been craving hot dogs for about a week now. I have mentioned this not only to my wife, but also my coworker, and it’s funny, as my coworker was saying he has been making them throughout the week and loading them up with vegetables, and wrapping them in tortillas. My schedule has been way to hectic lately, and I have not been able to even make something as simple as a hot dog. With that said, both my wife, and kids were craving one thing yesterday, and low and behold, it was hot dogs!

Milwaukee Hot Dog Recipe

It was my time to finally have a hot dog, and as my initial reaction was to go simple, with a bit of mustard, I said the heck with that, and really make something wonderful, and something I am calling the Milwaukee Dog. Now sure, we are neighbors to Chicago, and as I used similar ingredients to a traditional Chicago dog, there were a couple of changes.

Lets get started.


  • Johnsonville Wieners (use something that has a great casing, and results in a nice snap)
  • Poppyseed hot dog buns
  • Yellow mustard
  • Roma Tomato(s), cut into thin wedges
  • Pickle spears (I love Famous Dave’s)
  • Green relish
  • White onion, diced
  • Banana Peppers, sliced
  • Cheddar cheese, cut into strips
  • Celery salt

When you think about it, this is probably the best combination out there. Not sure what it is, if it is the textures in every bite, or the flavor combination, but whatever it is, it just rocks.

I am a big believer in boiling hot dogs rather than throwing them on the grill. I am also a believer in an all beef wiener that has a great snap in the casing when you bite into it.

Begin by boiling your wieners for about 10-12 minutes. During this time, gather the remaining ingredients. When the wieners are cooked, place a pickle spear in the bottom of the bun. Place your wiener in the bun, place the tomato wedges on the side, along with the banana peppers, relish, and diced onion. Squirt on the mustard, top with the cheddar cheese strings and sprinkle with celery salt. Repeat, as the first one is so good you will be screaming for another one.


  • Dan (A Duo of Chefs)

    Looks lovely. My wife and I have been craving some Sammy’s Taste of Chicago hot dogs, but maybe these will inspire us to create our own hot dog at home.

  • Lilly

    Hey, you should enter this in the contest S. Rosen’s has going on right now. They’re trying to come up with a “Wisconsin Hot Dog” or “Wisconsin Brat.” Heard about it from my brother, who loves his brats. Winner gets all of the fixin’s to make your creation for 20 people. I think the website is

  • Norene Erekson

    Hmmm! Appears very tasty! I’ll searching for at my upcoming visit to Chicago. Till then allow me tell you I invested my past weekend in Chicago and had my Chicago hot dog at Portillo’s. All that is heard with regards to the snap of the dog is so real. The casing is resilient more than sufficient to really snap when you bite into it, without providing much resistance to make it difficult bite through. I furthermore liked the hot peppers in addition to the pickle, great heat that would not linger too long.

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