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BBQ Spaghetti

There does not go a day in the workweek when my coworkers and I do not talk about food. It usually happens around 9:30 every morning, and we talk every thing food. Whether it be from what we ate the night before, what we want to eat, or what we read on our RSS feeds, we are always talking food, which is a bit  unusual seeing there are five guys in the open suite.  So not long ago, a couple of us were talking about smoking food over the weekend, and as we typically do, we have a lot of leftovers, of which we bring into the office. As we talked about what we do with the leftovers, my coworker Ryan had mentioned that he makes bbq spaghetti.

BBQ spaghetti? One I have never had bbq spaghetti, and two, it sounded really good. So, I thought I would give it a try. After all, I recently had great leftovers from making Hawaiian style kalua pig, and I thought what a better way to use that pork leftover on this idea of bbq spaghetti. Let’s get started on this simple, and delicious recipe.


That is it. Three simple ingredients, yielding huge flavors. Begin by cooking your pasta, until al dente. During this time, warm your bbq sauce on the stove in a saucepan. Add your pork to the sauce to warm it through as well.

Once your pasta is cooked, drain it, and it to a large bowl. Pour in your sauce, mix well, and serve. I served mine with some pickle spears to really make it feel like a down home bbq bowl. Enjoy.

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