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Quick and Fresh Sofrito

If you have never had sofrito, you must. Call it a Latin condiment, or call it a marinade, sofrito is basically a mixture of fresh vegetables that is used as a base in many Latin American dishes. I make sofrito from time to time, especially when I am making arroz con gandules (Puerto Rican Rice). A recent get together yielded a feast of the Puerto Rican rice, chimichangas, and some fresh pico de gallo, and the great thing is that I had about three cups of this sofrito left.

Simple ingredients yielding huge flavors. I have been putting it in everything this week, and I will tell you that if you are warming it up on some of your rice for a quick lunch, or some beans, that your coworkers will turn their heads and say “Wow, that smells good”. It does. Sofrito should become the new condiment. It is that good, and simple to make.


Toss everything into a food processor and chop down into a nice sauce. You can use sofrito in most anything, trust me, this is a real winner!

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