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Potato, Leek, and Mushroom Quiche

Recently, several families took recent trip to Utica, Illinois for a surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law. The two and half hour journey, to a town we never had heard of, was an exciting one. As we often do these types of get togethers throughout the year, this was the first we have taken, and it was a blast. Six families came together, staying in two lodges at a place called Grizzly Jack’s Resort, where we hiked at Starved Rock State Park, swam inside the water park, and ate some really great food.

One food item that stood out the morning we were departing was a store bought quiche that was brought over from the folks at the other lodge. The families staying in our lodge was up early due to the seven kids that decided to wake up early that morning. We had already taken on blueberry pancakes, sausages, omelets, and a Racine kringle. We had built out appetite up as we were doing some serious hiking in the state park, but after the hike, we were coming back to the lodge to have a late lunch, and attempt to finish up the leftovers from the previous night.

As families began to depart, our lodge was left with plenty of food for lunch which included pansit, lasagna, and that quiche. I mention the quiche because as we were driving back home that afternoon, my wife had mentioned that she really wished she could have tried that quiche. I never knew she loved quiche, and felt sorry for her, so much that the following day, I made her a quiche; a quiche so amazingly good that she ate it for dinner that night, and for breakfast and lunch the following day. You know it’s good when that occurs!

What I love about a quiche is that you can make it your own. Granted, there are some standard techniques like baking the pie crust and letting it cool before adding your egg and milk mixture along with your secret ingredients, but it is those secret ingredients that make a quiche shine. As my wife was disappointed she did not get to try a standard spinach and cheese quiche, she was not disappointed when she found some wonderful surprises inside of my quiche.

Let’s get started.


Preheat your oven to 375 degrees, and bake the pie crust for about 14 minutes, or until a light golden brown. Remove and let it cool. During this time, boil your potatoes for about 7 minutes. You do not want them fully cooked, but cooked more than halfway through. Drain, and let cool.

Add the olive oil to a preheated saute pan, and add the leeks, and mushrooms. Cook for about 8 minutes, stirring from time to time. To a bowl, add the eggs, milk, salt, pepper, and mustard powder. Beat, and beat well.

To the pie crust, layer half of the quesadilla cheese, add the potatoes, leek and mushrooms, and sprinkle with the roasted bell peppers. Pour in the egg mixture, top with the remaining cheese, and place in a preheated 375 degree oven for 50-60 minutes, or until the center is fully cooked.

Remove and let cool for about 1o minutes before slicing into it.

This particular quiche was a comforting one. The cheese blended so well into the crust, and the combination of vegetables made this super delicious. I hope you enjoy.

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