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Maple Ice Cream with Bacon Crumble

That’s right. I made it. Maple ice cream with homemade bacon crumble. When I first made bacon some weeks ago, I was thinking to myself ‘what am I going to do with all of this bacon?’. Well, that was a silly question as I was able to give some away, and well, the rest was easily consumed by my three kids. Towards the end of package of bacon, I decided to really do something different, and make something I have been wanting to make for some time now. Maple ice cream.

I first thought of the idea when I began making ice cream roughly one year ago. I would watch my kids eat a nice Sunday morning breakfast consisting of pancakes, bacon, and syrup. A breakfast that my kids just love, and one that all of the items just jive together so well.  That is when I thought, maple ice cream with a bacon topping. After all, my favorite part of that breakfast is really swiping up some syrup with a piece of bacon. That is all I need!

I proposed the idea to my kids, and they all had different reactions. My oldest who is a bacon junkie just yelled ‘bacon!’, while my middle guy just said something like ‘really? bacon ice cream?’, and my daughter, I think said something like ‘gross!’. Little did they know how awesome this ice cream really was.

My kids loved it, and well, I found myself at the table, giggling. Yes, giggling, the ice cream was just that good. And I will be honest with you and say it might be the best ice cream combination that I have ever had. Ever.

Let’s get started.


That is it. Five simple ingredients. Five ingredients that will really blow your mind. Not kidding.

These ingredients are to be used with an ice cream maker, that is all that I know. I have never attempted to mix the ingredients and simply place them in the freezer. A goal to making any ice cream with the ice cream maker is to make sure everything is very cold, as well as make sure your bowl is frozen.

So to a mixing bowl, add the cream, milk, extract, salt, and the syrup. Mix well. Assemble your ice cream maker, and pour this into the ice cream bowl, mixing for about 25 minutes.

During this time, cook your bacon. Once cooked, drain, and crumble.

Serve by scooping ice cream into your serving bowl, drizzle a bit of maple syrup, and top with some crumbled bacon.

The result is something out of this world, and in my opinion what that sweet and salty should taste like, that and a bit of smokiness from the bacon, just escalated this bowl of ice cream to the top of my list. Hope you enjoy.

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