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Cherry Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate

Summer time is finally here in Wisconsin.  well, I guess you could say that, but it also might be up for argument, as we have only seen a day or two with temperatures above eighty degrees. The weather has actually be a bit ridiculous, but that has not stopped me from making some summer time favorites for my kids. One of those favorites, and mine, is making ice cream. As much as I do love ice cream, I think I have a much better time watching my family enjoy every bite of what I created. This time was no different. I wanted to use up some of the macerated cherries that I created, so I decided to add those to an ice cream, along with dark chocolate, and get a reaction from the kids.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

I will admit that I only have one kid who collects the cherry from kiddie cocktails from her siblings. My daughter loves that macerated cherry, so I figured this ice cream would be right up her ally, plus I had some relatives swing by, so I knew I could throw a small bowl to them to try it out as well. If you have not been making ice cream, and have a few extra dollars to spare, I highly recommend picking up an ice cream maker. It is loads of fun, and you have endless ideas when it comes to making ice cream, or sorbet for that matter.


  • 1 cup of macerated cherries, finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup of dark chocolate, grated
  • 1 cup of whole milk, cold
  • 3/4 cup of sugar
  • 2 cups of heavy cream
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • Squirt of red food coloring (optional)

Make sure you freeze the ice cream bowl. Do this the night  before. Begin by adding the milk and sugar to a mixing bowl, and do just that, mix with a whisk until all of the sugar dissolves. Add in the vanilla extract, squirt of red food coloring, and the heavy cream. Assemble your ice cream maker, and turn it on, adding in your mixture. Let the mixer spin for at least 30 minutes.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

As the ice cream begins to form into this delicious mass, typically about 25 minutes in, stop the bowl from spinning, and remove the inserted paddle, scraping down whatever ice cream has remained on the paddle.

Fold in the cherries and the chocolate. Place the ice cream in pint size containers if you have them, otherwise seal the top of the ice cream bowl, place back in the freezer and let it set up until you are ready to serve. But who am I kidding? Get a bowl out, lay a couple of scoops into it, drizzle some of the macerated cherry juice on it, letting it harden as a coating, and top with a macerated cherry.

Results? Delicious ice cream with tiny bits of cherry that not only add flavor, but also texture. The sauce adds a bit of that adult flavor from the brandy, and really knocks this one out of the park. A family member was quoted as saying “I do not even like cherries that much, but this is really good!” My kids on the other hand, well, as they ate a scoop or so, I knew it was expected. Not big fans, and it was probably because they realized the tiny bits were cherries, and stopped at that point in time. At least they tried it, and heck, there was plenty left over for me! Hope you enjoy.


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