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Kohlrabi with Thyme Infused Olive Oil

There are plenty of things I do not know regarding certain fruits and vegetables, and that is always exciting to me. For example, this thing called a kohlrabi. I have been visiting our local farmers market every Saturday morning, typically when the kids are still sleeping, and that time allows for me to take my time and browse the couple of aisles of what the farmers have to offer. It also allows me to talk to the farmers and question things like garlic scapes and this plant I picked up that one lady said goes great with bloody marys!

So on one Saturday morning, I over heard an older couple going back and forth on purchasing this ‘thing’. I later found out it was kohlrabi. So as I often do, I approached the couple and asked what they were going to make with this kohlrabi. The man actually got excited and informed me that he loved eating this kohlrabi thinly sliced with a bit of salt. Then I slowly approached the farmer and asked her about kohlrabi, and how she liked eating it. She informed me that she liked it thinly sliced and served with ranch dressing of all things! I had to buy one. I had to thinly slice this thing and see for myself how it was going to taste. Not only that but I was curious if I were to get as excited as the older man who later came back to talk to me and let me know that when he was growing up as a kid, that kohlrabi was the thing that he and his friends would crave and hunt down during the summer months.

Kohlrabi is actually a turnip and tastes similar to that of a mild cabbage or apple, if you will. There is a bit of thick outer skin that needs to be peeled away before exposing the white, crunchy interior. As I sliced it thin and tasted with a bit of salt, I immediately fell in love and decided to come up with my own take on raw kohlrabi.

Lets get started.


Begin by adding the chopped thyme to the olive oil and let this sit for approximately one hour to let the thyme flavor set in.

When you are about to serve, add the sliced kohlrabi to your serving plate. Filter your oil to remove the chopped thyme, and with a spoon, drizzle the oil all over the kohlrabi. Season generously with salt, and garnish with a small sprig of thyme.

The result is something truly simple and delicious. Crisp with a fantastic taste of light thyme and salt. It was refreshing, and as simple as it was, I could see why this man, and farmer at that, was excited when they talked about the kohlrabi.

Lesson learned: Try new things and talk to those around you. You will never know what you might find out. Enjoy.

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