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Spicy Egg in the Basket with Sausage

You have probably heard this dish been called a handful of names depending on where you grew up. Often referred to as egg in the basket, egg in the hole, frog in the hole, or even toad in the hole, this simple breakfast dish is a real winner at the table.

It was only a couple of weeks ago, on a usual weekend morning, where I wanted to make something unusual for the egg eaters in the family. As everyone was in their usual lazy morning routine, I was busy cutting round circles into the bread, seeing if anyone was watching. What they did not know is that I was about to rock their world with a simple, and unique breakfast.

Ingredients: (serves 1) [Print this Recipe]

Begin by heating a skillet on medium heat. Butter both sides of the bread, and cut out the center. Place your bread, and cut out circle onto the skillet, and let it cook for a minute. Place the cooked sausage patty in the hole, add a nice squirt of the Sriracha sauce, then crack the egg on top of the hole. After a minute or so, lift an edge of the bread and once it is nice and golden, gently flip it over and begin cooking the other side. Depending on how you like your egg cooked will determine your cook time after the flip.

When you are ready to plate, remove the egg in the basket onto your plate, and drizzle with a bit more Sriracha sauce, and maple syrup.

The result is nothing but amazing. You get a bit of the spice from the sauce that is balanced out nicely with the sweet syrup. Not only that, but a nice surprise awaits in the middle. A nice sausage patty that is nice and crisp, along with the egg.  A bonus is using the cutout bread and sopping up any left over yolk, sauce, or syrup.  I’m not sure what could beat this breakfast!

My wife and kid loved the egg in the basket as well. I left out the Sriracha on theirs as they cannot handle much of the spice. Hope you enjoy!

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