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Chiles Toreados

I admit that I took eleven years of Spanish class, so I can quickly bust out the title of this recipe known as chiles toreados. Translated to English, it simply means roasted jalapeños, but not just any roasted jalapeño pepper in my opinion. I first noticed these roasted jalapeño peppers while dining at the counter at the El Rey supermercado in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 35th and Burnham location. What quickly caught my attention was not the cook flipping a whole lot of tortillas and chopping meat on the flat top surface, it was the bowl of these delicious looking peppers. I noticed some of the older male, locales if you will, would go to the bowl, grab one, and place it on their plate, all while taking little bites of them while they were eating their food. I decided to do the same, and what I got out of it was this extremely delicious roasted pepper, almost like no other that I have ever had, that packed a bunch of heat. I fell in love with them, and quickly inspected them as I knew I was going to make these at home.

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Lets get started.

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That is it. Three ingredients that when combined, will knock your socks off. Let me also state that these peppers can be hot, so if you are into the hot food, this is great. Remember, the seeds are in there, but if you eat around the edges, you should be just fine.

Begin by adding the peppers to a mixing bowl. Add in the oil, and mix around until you know all of the peppers have been coated with the oil.

Add these to a cast iron skillet, and heat on medium to medium-high heat. As the skillet comes to temperature, begin moving the peppers around in the skillet, making sure all of the sides become roasted. This should take anywhere for 8-12 minutes for them to roast.

As soon as the peppers are fully roasted, carefully move them to the mixing bowl and shower them with the salt, gently mixing. Add them to a serving bowl and have your guests (that like hot and spicy) add one to their plate. You simply eat them whole, starting with the smaller tip, and eating your way down.  These can be served alongside just about anything, and they go perfect if you and your friends are drinking beer.

The flavor, although mildly spicy in my opinion, is really amazing. Something about the salt and the roasted flavor of the chile really get the meal going. Simple, fun, and delicious. What could anyone else ask for? Enjoy.

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