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Spam Burger

I did it. I went there. I loved it.

SPAM. Not the email type here that we all know to hate, but the canned version that the world has known to love since the late 1930’s. I will be the first to admit that I have never been a fan of food in a can. Baked beans, sure, tomato sauces, you bet, but meat in a can, definitely not. I will also admit that I have always been hesitant to even think of SPAM until, well, a couple of weeks ago.

I always heard stories from my wife and the extended family about how they grew up eating SPAM, or knowing someone who grew up eating it. I always pictured it in the can, regardless of how great they said it was, being forced out and plopped on a plate. SPAM is just that, and when I thought I had the killer burger, and indeed I did, that SPAM came out and kind of freaked me out, almost to the point where I was about to reconsider my burger creation. I had a couple of cats one point in my life, and I fed that something that actually resembled the texture, so it did kind of freak me out. I carried on and sliced the SPAM in about 1 1/2 inch slices, and again carried on.

Before I continue, let me just say, I am sold on SPAM. I loved it.


Start by searing your SPAM slices in a large non-stick skillet. Make sure you sear both sides to get a nice crisp exterior, about four minutes per side. Once cooked, set aside.

Form your ground chuck into a nice patty and make an indent into the center of your patty with your thumb. Season both sides generously with salt, and set aside, letting the meat come to room temperature.

Heat up your grill. As you might know by now, I am a big fan of charcoal, and do not remember the last time I fired up a gas grill.

When the coals are nice and not, add the burger. You know how you want your burger, so cook it the way you want. I’m a big believer in a medium cooked burger, just saying.

Add the pineapple slice on the grill and the English muffin, over indirect heat.

When you flip the burger, add the sliced onion on the top of the burger, then top with the cheese.

When you are ready to make your burger, take the bottom English muffin and top with the two slices of SPAM.

Top with the burger, then add the pineapple ring to the top, adding the top muffin.

Take a look. It’s something wonderful. Now, take a bite. Yes, you are about to eat SPAM.

Think of bacon. Think of SPAM. Think of awesome flavor. It’s all of that. You get everything from what you would expect from an awesome burger with cheese and onion, then the SPAM gives it that slight salty edge and a wonferful flavor, then the pineapple adds this juiciness like you won’t believe. Oh yeah, and it’s on an English muffin.

This burger rocks. I am now a convert of SPAM. Enough said.

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