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Pork Floss

I said it. I laid it out there. Pork floss. Many, I would think, have not seen, nor tasted pork floss before. There are a number of different names for it, however the generic term is simply pork floss. You will be amazed at some of the great things you can find at your local Asian store, and this was no exception. When I first saw this, I immediately thought of the beef jerky tins I would buy in elementary school. I loved them. I love pork floss.

Pork Floss Recipe

Pork floss is basically a dried meat mixture that is shredded into fibers and used in plenty of Asian dishes. It’s cool to say the least. When I first opened the pork floss, I took a big pinch and shoved it into my mouth, just like those good old elementary school days. It was not what I expected, but it was great. I was surprised that it was a bit sweet, and not that salty. I immediately thought of having this for breakfast. It was good.


Start by cooking your egg in a bit of oil. Cook it so that you end up with a sunny side up egg. You want the creaminess of the yolk to pour into your rice, and mix with your pork floss.

To bowl, add the rice into a small bowl, top with the fried egg, and top with pork floss. The rest is pretty self explanatory. Dig in.

The creaminess of the egg when mixed into the rice and eaten with the pork floss is well, pretty great. This is not only great for breakfast, but also a good meal any time of the day. So remember, pay a visit to your local Asian market. Look around, and pick up some pork floss!

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