It’s that time of year again where everyone is getting into that frantic state of mind and doing all of their last minute shopping. I know that for a fact as I was out yesterday and it seemed as everyone was in some sort of panic mode. Everyone seemed a bit on edge as well. What  everyone needs to do is just take it easy, and maybe do a bit of better planning twelve months from now, well, maybe actually ten months from now. But with that said, everyone is trying to do their best to please their friends and family in offering them gifts. I know my wife and I are part of that, but we often discuss that maybe next year, to compile some of what we would normally spend for family or friends, and really donating that to a good cause, a cause that would help those in need. Hopefully we can accomplish that.

My postings will most likely slow down a bit during our holiday break. I’ve been going full speed at work, and with the family schedule, so it will be nice to ‘unplug’ for a week or so. With that said, I appreciate everyone who stops by this site, and for all of the wonderful comments from all of you. I would especially like to think the folks from Tasty Kitchen, Food Porn Daily, and Tastespotting, and Foodgawker for accepting my food photography and recipes.

What I am especially grateful for is my wonderful family, and being able to feed them and show them ways, and hopefully passing along ideas for their future.

My son who is now exploring well beyond chicken nuggets and french fries, but still skeptical of things such as mac and cheese or lasagna for that matter. He is growing so fast.

The middle man, who seems tough on the outside but is really a super easy going guy. He’s got that Filipino blood. He is possibly our best eater, but still questions most any vegetable. One day, I swear, one day he will love them.

Elena. Possibly the funniest person in the house. She makes all of us crack up with laughter on a regular basis. She is by far the best eater in the house, never questioning most any of her food.

They are all growing too quickly, and as much as I would love to turn back time a bit, I realize that is not possible, so I will continue doing what I can to teach them manners, respect, and to eat good food.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. I will hopefully be able to continue coming up with creative ideas in comfort food.


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  • Deborah

    What beautiful children they are! I too find that I wish I could turn back the clock to when my son was small, but am grateful for the opportunity to see him growing into becoming an independent individual.

    Best wishes for a happy holiday season to you and your family! Thanks so much for your postings. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to learn to incorporate Thai flavors into my cooking, and I’m starting with your site. Happy 2014!

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