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Smoked Eggs

Lately a friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of his daily cooking. Within his smoker he had a pork roll, sausages, and eggs. Eggs! I never, ever thought of smoking eggs before and I was totally intrigued. I immediately prompted him on Facebook, and sure enough (as he is also into cooking) he swore by these and said they were incredible.  Now I normally do not bust out the smoker on a weekday, but I decided to try these smoked eggs later that week.

Let’s get started.


How easy is that?

Heat your coals and get your smoker ready.  Once the coals are ready, add the cherry wood, or your favorite wood for that matter. Lay the eggs on the grill grate and cover.

You will want to smoke the eggs for about 2 hours at 230 degrees, or so. Once the eggs are smoked, remove them from the smoker, and let them cool.

There are a few crazy thing about these eggs. One, they are totally gorgeous from the smoke; two they actually shrink in size. It’s almost as though when you buy a bag of chips and you open them and you only see about 50% of the bag filled. The shell is not that easy to peel, but it comes off just fine, and then you get that great smoke ring as you normally would.

The texture is a bit different than a normal hard boiled egg. It’s firmer, and when biting into it, it almost reminded me of a over cooked scallop with bacon notes. These smoked eggs are definitely worth trying, and both of my coworkers agreed. I have another recipe coming up in the upcoming weeks with another twist. If you are looking for something different to try when smoking, then add a few eggs. Thanks to my buddy for the inspiration.

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