Cocozia Product Review
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Cocozia – Product Review

Not too long ago I was fortunate to try a new product on the market called Cocozia. Cocozia is 100% organic, has no pulp, no sugar or preservatives and not from concentrate. Who doesn’t love that idea, right?  I have tried various brands of coconut water, and to be honest, I have never really enjoyed them. I want go off to name those brands, but let’s just say I never have went back to buy them again, so I will admit that I was a bit skeptical when trying Cocozia.

Cocozia Product Review

The box of Cocozia arrived, including 12, 11.1 ounces of pure coconut juice. I put a few in the refrigerator and left the others in the box. When my wife returned home from work, she questioned what it was and I had her try one out of the box. My wife, being part Filipino, has traveled to the Philippines on a couple of occasions and has had the street side, fresh coconut water from various street folk. As she began drinking this, she immediately stated how pure this Cocozia was and that in fact it tasted as if it was coming straight out of a coconut!

I grabbed one out of the refrigerator, and popped the top adhesive and began chugging it down. As with any coconut water, personally I think it has a bit of a smell, and you are either going to love that, or dislike it. Personally I was on the side of disliking the smell, but loving the taste of Cocozia.

Let’s just say we loved Cocozia. Being in the pure sense, this stuff was like magic liquid, and we drank one every day, it was that good.

If you do not know the benefits of pure coconut water, well, they are pretty amazing in themselves. Some of the benefits are boosts hydration, aids in weight-loss, better for your skin, helps with digestion, and reduces blood pressure.

My wife and I agreed, Cocozia was awesome and we would definitely purchase the water. You can find Cocozia online.

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