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Corned Beef McMuffin

This past weekend, my son and I were running some morning errands, and as he did not have breakfast before heading out the door, I asked if he wanted to stop at McDonald’s. I know, I know. McDonald’s. But he is still a kid, and he probably only eats there about 6 times a year. Heck, when I was growing up, I think we ate there once a week! He had a tiny bit of excitement in his voice, so I pulled through the drive-through, and he ordered what he always orders, the sausage mcMuffin. As we continued to drive, he said to me, which I thought was pretty darn cute, “You know dad, I probably would have never ordered this if you did not pursue me when we went camping this past summer. I probably would have ordered those pancakes which were never very good.” For whatever reason, that meant something to me. He was grateful, even though it was over a sausage mcMuffin.

I will admit though that a homemade egg mcMuffin is my favorite breakfast sandwich. Not only that, but this time of year I get overly excited that corned beef hits the markets, and go on sale. I’m a corned beef junky. I love everything about it, well with the exception of the boring corned beef with cabbage and potatoes. I’m sorry, but not a fan. I am a fan however of corned beef. I’ve done things such as reuben style potato skins, corned beef hash quesadillas, an awesome melt, my favorite hash, the classic sandwich, even potstickers, corned beef cheese burger, and now the corned beef mcMuffin!

Corned Beef McMuffin Recipe

As you can see, I really like corned beef. My wife on the other hand will not even come near it. Maybe it is the smell, I don’t know, but that only means more for me! So as the corned beef just came on sale, I decided to make it last night, and come up with this awesome breakfast sandwich.

Let’s get started.


Simple ingredients, however the corned beef takes this one to a whole new level. McDonald’s you should probably take note.

Start by heating a sauté pan on medium heat. Add the canola oil, and let it come to temperature. Add in the chopped corned beef, and cook until you get some nice crispy edges. Remove to a small bowl, and set to the side. Next, crack the egg, and cook until your desired doneness. During this time, toast your English muffin. Once toasted, lay down the American cheese on the bottom muffin, top with the cooked egg, and carefully place the crisped corned beef on top. Top with the top muffin, and get ready to go.

Now I love the classic egg mcMuffin, as well as the sausage mcMuffin, but this one, well I’m not going to joke, but this is hands down my all-time favorite! It’s a great time of year, not only for coming up with great corned beef recipes, but to enjoy this awesome corned beef mcMuffin! Hope you enjoy.

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