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Barbecue Bacon Wrapped Onion Bomb

Onion bomb you ask? Yes, let me welcome you to an onion bomb. What the heck is it? Essentially an onion that is cored out, stuffed with a spiced ground meat, and well, you could stop there, or take it another step forward and wrap it in slices of bacon, and then smoke it. Yep, that’s an onion bomb, and one that is going to rock your world.

The onion bomb came out of the idea of stuffed peppers, a dish that I grew up eating.  I wanted to create something where maybe, just maybe, I could get my oldest to try. I knew he would devour the exterior bacon, and the interior meat, and my other would devour the onion, but maybe they would try the entire thing. I was correct on my assumptions, and no they did not eat everything together, but at least a dad tries, right?

Barbecue Bacon Onion Bomb Recipe
Barbecue Bacon Onion Bomb Recipe

You can do these on the grill, on your smoker, or in your oven. It’s up to you. I added them on the smoker for a bit of that great smoke flavor, but I’ll let you decide. Your overall goal is to have an internal temperature of 165.

Let’s get started.


Start by coring out most of the onion. You can do this carefully with a pairing knife, or if you have a jalapeno corer, use that as it works really well. Leave a couple of external layers in tact so it holds up well with the meat mixture.

Add the meat to a mixing bowl and add in the salt, pepper, Maggi, and Italian seasoning.

How to make an onion bomb.

Mix well, and gently stuff into the onion. Wrap the slices of bacon around the onion, securing each piece with a toothpick. Place the onion on a baking sheet and place onto your smoker (or 325 oven or grill), and smoke for about 20 minutes. Once the smoke is cleared, cook over indirect heat until the bacon is crisp and your internal temperature is 165 degrees.

Brush on the barbecue sauce, and let it continue to cook until it is nice and sticky from the sauce. Brush with more sauce, then remove the toothpicks.

Barbecue Bacon Wrapped Onion Bomb

Using a serrated knife, slice it in half, or quarters, and get into it. I honestly have to save that when I served this, I left the room for only a couple of minutes, and sure enough it was almost completely devoured by my wife and kids.

You get a great smokey flavor, along with the great barbecue sauce, and no lie, the interior, along with the sweetness of the onion really make this a great dish to serve. I wish I had made another one to be quiet honest with you. If you are looking for something unusual to make, give this one a try. To me it was a real winner. Hope you enjoy!

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