Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe
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Vietnamese Iced Coffee – Cafe Sua Da

Vietnamese iced coffee. What more needs to be said here? If you like coffee, you will love this drink. This drink is potent in how dark you make your coffee, and it uses an ingredient that is rarely used, sweetened condensed milk. I first experienced cafe sua da in Dallas, Texas while eating at a local Vietnamese restaurant. I noticed the locals slurping their bowl of pho noodle soup, while watching coffee slowly drip into a glass.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe

Obviously, I had to learn more, and as the Vietnamese store was right across the street, I picked up the ingredients. The trick to this drink is a Vietnamese coffee press, and some really strong coffee. You can go with an expresso here, or if you are doing it right, use a chickory coffee such as Cafe Du Monde.


  • 2 tbsp of Chickory coffee, or a strong dark roast
  • Vietnamese coffee drip (Amazon)
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk (to taste)
  • Ice

Bring water to a boil. Pack the coffee into the bottom of the coffee drip. Screw on the top.  Add to the top of the glass with condensed milk. Slowly add the boiling water into the drip, and let it do its thing, slowly drip into the glass. Add more water as needed.

When you have the amount of coffee into the glass, stir in the condensed milk, creating a great dark, golden color. To another glass, fill it with ice, and pour the coffee into the glass, creating cafe sua da, a truly killer drink.

Not only will you love the flavor of this coffee, but the burst of energy that come along with it. Enjoy.

P.S. If you do not have a coffee drip, you could brew a strong batch of coffee, and go that route as well.

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