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wisconsinYou know der hey.’ ‘You betcha you know, and so.’ Wisconsin. The state I was basically raised in, however born in Kokomo, Indiana, and still have roots there. My family moved to Wisconsin when I was in second grade. Ms. Farchianno’s class, a great class at that.  My roots, granted, were started in Indiana, were grown and clipped in Wisconsin. The common cheese head state, and beer drinking capital do not bother me when others try to burn me. Beer is great, and cheese is better,  and when you attempt to pair them, well, then, eat your words.

Wisconsin to me, is where I remember laying on the carpet at age seven, in a bare bedroom, my parents bedroom, watching a small TV, and eating McDonald’s. Waiting for things to arrive. A late night that turned into a lifetime of great friends, perfect seasons, excellent food, and the love of my life.

Reflecting on my childhood, I was, and still am happy to live in Wisconsin. My parents were into a lot of different hobbies, that my brother and I desired; bowling (video games), fishing (getting into trouble/fishing), hockey and walking on small creeks; you name it. But there is one thing that my parents taught me in Wisconsin, during all of those years, and that it is a beautiful state. We never stayed put. We traveled a lot. Camping in Rhinelander, Tomahawk, , and Merrill, Wisconsin. Pure beauty, but it never stopped there. We would drive to Stevens Point to get a a killer brunch, literally drive about 2 1/2 hours to get to brunch, that was that good, and fish fries throughout the local scene. Wisconsin has something about it. The people, the fun, and scene.

I’m glad to be from Wisconsin. Cooking comfort food from what my parents served (for the most part) on the table, and being raised from a family that exposed me to home cooking and the importance for being home, for dinner, as a family.

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  • Elysabeth

    This is how I feel about WI! I was born and raised in Milwaukee, and now live in Boston. I yearn to move back, especially when my husband and I start a family. But yeah, I know we’ll miss our Asian markets, exotic restaurants and crazy foods. HOpefully by the time we get there, we won’t have too much trouble finding what we need. 😀

    Love your blog! Visit ours at

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