Watermelon Granita Recipe
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Watermelon Granita

If there is something that screams Summertime, it has got to be a granita. A granita is really a fancy term for delicious shaved ice, originating in Italy. The ingredients are ever so simple and the end result is a really cold cup or bowl of fresh, and fruity ice. Granitas can really be anything you put your mind on, whether it be raspberry, strawberry, or in my case a watermelon granita.

Watermelon Granita Recipe

I will admit that I typically do not eat watermelon, but a recent stop at the grocery store really attracted me to the seedless watermelon. For one, I knew my daughter would love it, and I wanted to make another attempt at my boys trying watermelon. For some odd reason, both of my boys refuse to eat watermelon. So what a better idea to make a granita and see if they would go that route. Still failed.

The boys really missed out as this granita was super refreshing on a hot July afternoon.


  • 1 large seedless watermelon, cleaned and rind removed
  • 1 lime, zest and juice
  • Simple Syrup (see below)
  • Mint leaves (optional)

Begin by making the simple syrup.  Take 3/4 cup of sugar and 1 1/2 cup of water and bring to a boil, making sure the sugar gets dissolved. Remove this from the heat and let it cool.

During this time, break down your watermelon. Place this in a food processor and add the lime juice and zest, and simple syrup. Pulse everything down in the food processor.

Transfer the mixture into a shallow baking dish and place uncovered in the freezer. About every 30 minutes, check on the mixture, using a fork to stir the granita mixture.  Continue to freeze and repeat the process, for up to 3 hours. Don’t worry if you do not have this time. If it hardens completely, just take it out of the freezer and let it sit on the counter for about 20-30 minutes, then scrape with a spoon.

Serve in a nice glass, add some chopped mint, and serve with a spoon.

Fresh melon flavor, cold and refreshing. Enjoy.

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