Smoked Turkey Melt
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Smoked Turkey Melt

Smoked turkey melt. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, you are right. A few weeks back I decided to spend a day outside with my smoker. I admit, I love those types of days where the family schedule is some what free, and I can plan on hours of slow cooking meat on my smoker. I will also fess that my smoker is not of the deluxe type. The smoker is a simple one, very similar to this one, and it does a great job. So as I rummaged through my freezer a few days prior to the weekend, I noticed a nice turkey breast that I bought a month or so ago. I typically do not buy whole turkey breasts that often, but I have been buying larger cuts of meat, only to be cooked and either brought through my deli slicer for week day sandwiches, or to be used in some other fashion. This turkey breast I knew was going to be smoked, and used for weekend sandwiches.

Smoked Turkey Melt

Let’s get started.


That’s it people. Three simple ingredients that bring a punch of flavor.

Begin by adding one flour tortilla to the bottom of a medium skillet. Bring to a medium heat. Add two slices of the havarti cheese on to the top of the tortilla and place the sliced turkey breast on to of the cheese. Top with two more slices of the horseradish havarti cheese, then top with the other tortilla.

Smoked Turkey Melt

If you have a sandwich press, add it to the top of the tortilla, if not, add something heavy to the top. Reduce the heat to a medium to low heat, and cook for a few minutes. Take the press off and lift to see how the bottom is cooking. Your goal is a nice golden, and crisp tortilla. Once golden, flip, and place the press down again on top of the tortilla.

The havarti will begin to slowly ooze out. I love this part. I love that crispy fried cheese. I will also admit that.

Cook until the other side is golden brown, remove it from the skillet, and slice into fourths.

Stack on a plate and dig in.

The end result is nothing but amazing. You get the crispy exterior from the golden tortilla, then when bitten into, you get the creaminess and the punch from the somewhat spicy havarti cheese that just goes great with the smoked turkey breast. This is a turkey melt that you will want to make again, and again. I guarantee it.

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