Recipe for making frozen seedless grapes
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Frozen Grapes

The weather has been hotter than hell in Wisconsin these past couple of weeks. After a nice long stay in San Diego, we came back to record breaking temperatures in Milwaukee. People supposedly even died from the heat. Yes, when I said hotter than hell, I meant it. When it comes to this type of heat, no one is really wanting to do much, even eat for that matter. It seemed as though our energy was drained, as well as our appetites. My kids wanted nothing but popsicles and frozen gogurt. As I watched and listened to their repetitive state of slurping their popsicles, I decided that as great as popsicles are and all, that I needed to entice them with something very cold, refreshing, and good for you.

That’s when frozen grapes came into play.

Frozen Seedless Grapes

My kids used to love grapes, and I think they still do for that matter, however lately they have grown accustomed to having an apple a day. They seem to be in that routine, and I am perfectly fine with that. As long as they are getting their fruit in on a daily basis, well, then I think we are doing ok.

I don’t know about you, but I have the kids of various types. I have one who likes one or two fruits, the other who is about the same but will explore and eat a banana, and finally one who will pretty much eat any type of fruit all day long.

So my goal was to reacquaint them with grapes and provide a very refreshing frozen experience.

Let’s get started.


  • Seedless grapes, washed, and patted dry
  • Ziplock bags
  • Freezer

Recipe for making frozen seedless grapes

After you wash and dry the grapes simply place them in a resealable plastic bag and place them in the freezer for at least 4 hours. Once they freeze, simply pop them in a bowl and dig in. Suck on them, chew them, heck, place them in some wine. Whatever the case I am sure you will find yourself repeating that process.

I think the kids really liked them. I know they really liked them. The frozen grapes were everything I was seeking to accomplish, and provided a texture that I really enjoyed. So if you are looking for a nutritious and fun thing to eat on a hotter than hell type of day, give these a shot. I’m certain you will enjoy.


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