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Easy Iced Coffee

I’m a big fan of drinking coffee in the morning, and granted I only drink about a cup and a half, or so, but my body and mind needs it before heading into work. We have been using a Chemex for some time now, and love the idea of the pour over coffee.  There is something about the slowness, the body, and ultimately the taste that keeps us brewing with the Chemex.  My wife and I, however, have not mastered the quantity of coffee that we brew on a regular basis, and with that said, I was about to do something about it. It was killing me that I would pour out about another cup or so of leftover coffee prior to cleaning the Chemex, and I was no longer going to let it go to waste. Bring on easy iced coffee.

There is no magic to this iced coffee, trust me. It’s so simple to make, is perfect to drink on a hot summer morning, and is great for the remaining use of coffee. I typically brew with local coffee from Colectivo, however this time I decided to try a blend from Anodyne Coffee. Whatever the case, use what you love.

Easy Iced Coffee


  • Leftover coffee, room temperature
  • Ice cube tray
  • Cream, to your liking (optional)

This was also a good use of my ice cube tray, which I purchased last year to make craft cocktails. The tray itself it deeper and wider than a standard tray, so it fits two cubes nicely into a glass.

How to make iced coffee

Pour the coffee into the ice cube tray, and freeze. When you are ready, place a couple of cubes into your drinking glass, or pour over your cream, or milk. I actually pour a bit of hot coffee over the cubes as well to begin the melting process.

What’s great about this, is you typically have frozen cubes after you end your drink which is great, because as they continue to melt you still get more coffee, and who doesn’t love that, right?


  • Hannah

    How do you like your Chemex for cold brew coffee? I’ve only had coffee brewed from a Chemex one time and I wasn’t impressed, but I think it was the beans.

    • Dax Phillips

      Hi Hannah – We love our Chemex and have not brewed with anything other since we purchased it. I think you are right though, it is all about the coffee bean, as well as the temperature. I usually go with a dark, oily bean that is a bit stronger in flavor, as well as grind right before brewing.

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