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Butter Crayon – Product Review

I was recently approached by a group responsible for creating a new kitchen gadget known as the Butter Crayon. Their goal is to raise money to get their product out to the masses, and after review, I think it is a pretty good product.


The Butter Crayon is made from a high temperature silicon that can be used on hot surfaces, up to 450 degrees, and is FDA approved. It is simple in its design, and size, of which I liked. I’ve used a similar product in the past, of which was metal, and overall seemed like a pain to use, but not this one.

The size of the crayon is about 4 inches long and holds one half stick of butter. I actually liked the half stick butter idea as they claim it keeps fresh, longer, in the refrigerator, plus I like the idea of the half stick.

Inserting the butter was a cinch. Simply remove the internal block, insert the half stick of butter, place the block back inside the house, and remove the cap.

Butter Crayon Review

I gave this a test, and tried both buttering my skillet to cook eggs for my wife and kids this morning as well buttering a piece of toast.

I ran the Butter Crayon along the warmed toast, and it worked like a charm, but what I liked even more was running the crayon along my warm skillet as I could pinpoint just the right amount of butter and not overdoing it which can sometimes happen.

Is it a kitchen gadget? Absolutely. But in this day and age when I open my kitchen drawers, I have quiet a handful of gadgets, and I would recommend this one if you are looking to control your butter, eliminate some mess, keep butter fresh, and remove all of the knives you get when dealing with toasting butter.

To learn more about the Butter Crayon, and contribute to their Kickstarter, visit their website at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1991266336/butter-crayon-a-kitchen-gadget-for-better-butterin.

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