Nueske's Bacon Pizza
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Nueske’s Bacon Pizza

A couple of weeks back, it was pizza night. Yes, we have pizza night, and to me it trumps taco night. Well, let’s just say it is extremely close to taco night. I knew that I had my dough, and a bunch of cheese, also some miscellaneous vegetables, but I did not know if we had pepperoni. Lord forbid if we don’t have pepperoni for one of my picky eaters. With that said, I decided to not stop at the store and pick up pepperoni. I was going to take a chance on what I had at home. Low and behold do you think I had pepperoni? Nope. What was a man to do to accommodate this picky eater? Well, I made bacon pizza. REALLY GOOD BACON PIZZA.

As I did not have pepperoni, what I did have was a great package of Nueske’s Wild Cherrywood Smoked Uncured Bacon.  I was stoked to say the least, and I am a big fan of bacon on pizza to begin with, however I have never tried to just make a bacon pizza. This was the time, and that time was great.

As my daughter was craving my fried pizza dough sticks, I decided to accommodate her on that request as well as I had plenty of dough to go around.

Nueske's Bacon Pizza Recipe
Nueske’s Bacon Pizza

Let’s get started.


  • 1 ball of pizza dough, shaped into a 12 or 14″ round
  • 4 slices of Nueske’s bacon, or your favorite, sliced and par cooked
  • 3 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese
  • light corn meal, optional

That’s it. Pretty easy. It’s a bacon pizza.

I use a KettlePizza, however if you are not using this, heat your oven to the highest temperature with the pizza stone in there for preheating.

During this time, make the pizza.

Start by heating a skillet on medium heat, and add the bacon. You are not going to fully cook the bacon, but about half way, as the rest will cook with the pizza. Once partially cooked, remove, and strain any fat on a paper lined plate.

Nueske's Bacon Pizza Ingredients
Nueske’s Bacon Pizza Ingredients

Once the dough is formed, lightly dust a pizza paddle with the light corn meal so that it will slide off easily, and then add the formed pizza dough.

Next, top with the cheese. Yes, I did not use sauce on this one, only cheese and bacon.

Top with the bacon, and then cook in your oven until the cheese is melted, the bacon is slightly crisp, and the dough is golden.

Nueske's Bacon Pizza
Nueske’s Bacon Pizza

Dig in.

Now do you think my kid(s) loved this pizza? Heck yes they did. Even one of my kids that typically does not like bacon (Yes, I have one), loved it. I had to make another one because they all devoured it so quickly. Thankfully the KettlePizza comes to the rescue there as I can cook a pizza in about 4 minutes using that.

Regardless, if you have never tried a simple bacon pizza, give this a try. It’s really, really good.

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