Kimchi Puree
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Nueske’s Wiener with Kimchi Puree

I’ve probably said this over and over again, but I am making every attempt to purge items in my freezer (and refrigerator for that matter) and get them onto the table. So this past weekend, I was rummaging through my freezer and found a couple of Nueske’s wieners. At first I thought ‘why the heck are Nueske’s in here?!’ as hands down they are always devoured when I serve them, and by all means they are the best wieners I have ever tried.  So with that being said, I wanted to jazz it up a bit and that led me to rummage in my refrigerator, only to fine a half jar of kimchi. This is when the bell went off, and I decided to turn the kimchi into a puree. Yes, a puree, only to be used as a condiment for future use. If you have never had kimchi before, I say go a head and try it. I love the stuff, but my wife for example will not go near it. It’s funky, spicy, and good for you to boot!

Nueske's Wiener with Kimchi Puree
Nueske’s Wiener with Kimchi Puree

Let’s get started.


  • Your favorite wiener(s), cooked
  • Hot dog buns
  • 2 tbsp kimchi puree per serving
  • scallions, thinly sliced, optional

Simple, right?

First, take as much kimchi as you want, from the  jar, and add it to a food processor. Blend until you have a nice smooth texture.

Take your bun, spread on the kimchi puree, add the wiener, and shower with scallions.

Kimchi Puree
Kimchi Puree

The end result is an explosion of flavor. First you get that great smokiness from the Nueske’s wiener, and then, BOOM comes the kimchi. It rocks. Hope you enjoy!

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