Argentinian Steak
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Argentinian Steak

Nearly a week ago, my wife left me home, while she drove to Chicago to visit her brother and sister-n-law in the hospital. After all, she wanted to welcome our new niece, Charlotte, into the world. As much as I wanted to go with them, we agreed that staying in a visitation room with three kids probably wouldn’t be too much fun for us, nor the kids. It was my duty to have fun with the kids, and it was a prime opportunity to make a good steak! As the kids played outside the majority of the day, it was my duty to bring out the grill and do some serious grilling.

Argentinian Steak

I had plenty of choices of what to do with a steak, and as I do not eat it often, when I cook a steak, I do it right. My favorite steak is one that is cooked to perfection, seasoned generously with salt and cracked black pepper, and served with some good blue cheese, however, this was not one of those days. I wanted a different profile, and I decided that a nice four hour marinade in my chimichurri sauce would not only give the steak a killer flavor, but it would also be a great condiment, replacing my typical blue cheese.

This quick and simple recipe will really add a great kick to your next steak grilling experience. Enjoy.


  • Your favorite cut of steak for grilling
  • 1/2 cup of chimichurri sauce
  • wood chips, soaked

Begin my adding the chimicurri sauce to a large ziplock bag. Add your steak, and massage the steak from the outside. Seal the bag, removing any air that you can, and place in the refrigerator for at least four hours, or overnight if you can. The longer the better. When you are ready, get your grill ready and bring it to a nice high heat as you want a nice sear on the outside.  Add the soaked wood to the coals. I used a nice oak wood that added just the right amount of smoke. Just be careful not to over smoke your meat. I like my steak with just a hint of the smokey flavor. Cook the steak to your desired tenderness.

When you have achieved the desired tenderness, remove it from the grill, placing in on a plate, and make a tent with a bit of foil, letting the steak rest for about five minutes, locking in all of the juices.

Slice the steak against the grain, and lay on top of some chimichurri sauce. Your steak will never be the same! So now we welcome in a new child, as well as a new steak. Enjoy.


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