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Tequila Shrimp Sopes

I have written about sopes in the past. When I was first introduced to sopes, I fell in love. Everything about the texture, the weight, and the simple ingredients. It screamed freshness to me. Granted the sope itself is fried, but the texture was something wonderful. Consider it a thick tortilla if you will, and topped with your favorite ingredients.

Tequila Shrimp Sopes Recipe

The wonderful thing about making sopes, is that they can be a variety of shapes and sizes. After a couple of attempts, I have made mine into thick, circular shapes with a medium indention in the middle to help hold all of the ingredients.

This most recent sope yielded a batch of leftovers, and wow, it was pretty darn amazing.

Lets get started.


Once your sopes are fried and cooked, top with the refried beans, lettuce, shrimp, and cheese. That’s it. Dig in, and repeat.

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