Red Elephant Chocolate in Milwaukee
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Red Elephant Chocolate

This week I was fortunate to receive a sample of Red Elephant Chocolate. Red Elephant Chocolate? I thought the same thing when I heard the name, and as I am anxious to find out how this company came about their name, I am equally as excited to try all of their products. I normally do not write about any particular products besides Nueske’s, as we all know how awesome Nueske’s is, but I thought that I would give it a shot. If someone took the time to write to me and send me product, then heck why not.

Please keep in mind that these reviews are subjective in nature, and only my opinion. Your acceptance of these products may vary.

Red Elephant Chocolate in Milwaukee

When I got home from work the other day, my son said, A Fed Ex person dropped something off for you today. I knew exactly what it was. I opened the package and my first reaction was ‘what very cool, and clean packaging’. It was simple. Red and white colors with a prominent logo of an elephant. It made sense in terms of the name; Red Elephant Chocolate. Their tagline is “A Chocolate Experience You’ll Never Forget”. Awesome. I could not wait.

Let me stop for just a second and let you know that I am typically not a ‘sweets’ person. I am typically not the person who order dessert after a meal, nor am I one sitting around eating candy or sweets. I know, crazy right?

I was actually excited to open the box of chocolates. The last time I received quality chocolate was from one of my vendors during a website redesign, and that was very cool. I never realized chocolate like that existed, so I was anxious to see what Red Elephant Chocolate had in store for Milwaukee.

Red Elephant Chocolate in Milwaukee

The box contained an array of dark and milk chocolate including their elephants on parade, chocolate coconut macaroon, bittersweet orange truffle, red elephant ganache footprint, tumbled almods, coffee beans, sea salt caramel, and a cashew cluster. Not only did they nail it in clever names, but lifting up their tag sheet unveiled a beautiful assortment of chocolate.

Again, I am not really a sweets type of guy, but excitement moved through me. I almost felt like I was a kid in a candy store. Maybe it was the names alone that excited me, or maybe it was how pretty each one looked. Whatever it was, I was thrilled.

After our Friday night fish fry (yes, this is how we roll in Milwaukee), I brought the box over to my wife and told her the story of what I knew of Red Elephant Chocolate. I then exposed the chocolates. I can tell you she was just as excited reading the names as I was, and then at first sight the expressions were the same. “Wow, those are gorgeous!”.

Red Elephant Chocolates in Milwaukee

We began sharing the chocolates. Starting with sea salt caramel, over to the cashew cluster, and then the ganache, and then a couple of almonds.

All I can say is that each of these chocolates were not only elegant, but they were loaded with amazing chocolate. I can say that products like these can easily sway a non-sweets guy like myself.  Did I mention they also have premium coffee and hot chocolate?!

I am excited for Milwaukee, and Red Elephant Chocolate. Their store will be opening this November in Milwaukee.

You can find out more by signing up for their newsletter, or following them on Facebook.

Red Elephant Chocolate Café
333 N. Broadway St.
Historic Third Ward

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