Mexican Green Sauce Recipe
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Mexican Green Sauce

Call it what you want, whether it be salsa verde, Mexican green Sauce, tomatillo sauce, or pure bliss, but this sauce seriously will lift up your food to the next level. I drizzled this sauce on the recent chipotle and orange pork tacos and it was amazing. On my spare time, I play around with mixing simple ingredients that hopefully create a truly wonderful outcome, and this is one of them. Consider it a condiment, or a salsa, or something you just want to drizzle over a salad, taco, or heck even spread it on some bread, this tangy, yet ever so slightly spicy sauce is really wonderful.

Mexican Green Sauce Recipe

I made this sauce early one Sunday morning as my chipotle and orange marinated pork tacos were near completion. It only takes a few ingredients and a blender, yields over a cup of sauce, and is, and could be something that I continue to make on a weekly basis.

Ingredients include:

  • 5 tomatillos, husks removed, washed, and quartered
  • 4 cloves of garlic, rough chop
  • small handful of cilantro
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 3 Serrano chili peppers, rough chop (more if you really like it spicy, less if not, but at least 1)
  • generous pinch of salt
  • 1/2 of an avocado
  • blender

Look at those ingredients. They scream fresh. You can almost smell and taste how delicious it is going to be. Toss everything in the blender, and blend it until you have a smooth sauce, no chunks allowed in this one. Pour into your small serving bowl and let your imagination run wild. Just the right amount of tangy spice makes this sauce really stand out. Let me know what you put it on!


  • Lea

    I found your site while looking for a way to use some leftover roast pork loin, preferably in the form of a chipotle taco. So, as my pork slow cooks with your chipotle and orange sauce recipe, I’ve been perusing your other Mexican dishes, and in fact commented on another salsa recipe that fresh tomatilla salsa was my favorite to make from scratch…and voila! This is the same recipe! Cheers!

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