Cocozia Coconut Oil - Product Review
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COCOZIA 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Product Review

Recently, I was sent a jar of Cocozia’s extra virgin coconut oil to sample. I was honored to say the least, to be asked to give my opinion on the product, and as I reviewed Cocozia’s coconut water in the past, and really enjoyed it, I was intrigued with the coconut oil. First, it is a big jar of coconut oil, and upon opening it, you get this awesome aroma of coconut. It’s awesome. I did not realize this, but my wife also had purchased some coconut oil to be used on her skin, and comparing the two, it was like night and day. Cocozia’s was not only more aromatic, but it was also all organic, and the color was intensely white.

Cocozia Coconut Oil - Product Review

I tested this coconut oil a couple of ways. First, I heated a cast iron skillet, melted the coconut oil, and seared chicken breasts. The flavor was great. You could totally taste the coconut coming from the chicken, which worked well with some of the Thai flavors I had incorporated with the meal, and second, both my wife and I used a little bit as a skin conditioner. We both loved it. Not only was it super smooth, but it also had that great coconut aroma.

We are definitely big fans of Cocozia’s coconut oil, and the thing that makes this even better is that coconut oil is really good for you. Give this product a try if you are looking for an oil that is great for cooking and great for your skin among other things.

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